miércoles, 28 de enero de 2009

I (L) Bruce Webber

I have a huge addiction to magazines, it's difficult to buy them in my town, just to find them and then they are always a lot more expensive that from the regular price, that's why the only ones that I buy month after month without exceptions are Vogue US and Vogue Paris. Paris has sometimes the most amazing editorials, while the American have always nice articles and collections reviews.
One of my favorite French Vogue issues, was the Bruce Webber special (November 2007), his pictures are so laid back and fun, they almost seem to be as frames as a friend's get-together, really intimate and relaxed, though this one has a little disturbing touch which i find iteresting specially in the final photograph.

This editorial had Carolyn Murphy which was on the cover along with a NY personna, Andre, the editorial is styled by Carine...

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