lunes, 16 de febrero de 2009

The Story of the Eye

My favorite book of all times is The Story of the Eye, by George Bataille. It is a short novel that was at first considered pornographic, because it deals with the development of the narrator's sexuality and fetishes. Every chapter is like a window where you are a voyeur through the character's situations. It has so many things that can be analyzed and enjoyed. I like it because as well as Marquis de Sade work, it's shocking, eye opnere and anything but compromising. I admire people which writes without thinking they've gone to far or that somethng isn't culturally correct, I couldn't write something so intense. You have to get it and read it, maybe you like it or maybe it makes you throw up.

All of the above just because i want to show you Hans Belmmer's illustrations that some were featured in the book, they are always great inspiration for me.

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