domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009


Fashion is usually compared to luxury, I personally believe that fashion is more about what you can portray and express trough your clothes than about how much you spend on it. However, there is also the cliche that owning a luxury good gives you a feeling of little happiness, like smoking a cigarette but longer I suppose (a feeling that I have indulge with a few times). Long story short, what fascinates me and I admire the most from fashion designers, is that they are not just making clothes, but actually portraying by this mean their creativity and a whole world that's in their heads, that's also the reason why I love houses that you can instantly recognize and don't betray themselves making wearable before their vision.

That's also why I love Rodarte so much... Laura and Kate Mulleavy's brand, established in Pasadena, California, and 2009 winners of the CFDA Womenswear designer of the year award. Their work is actually delicate and romantic in the details, but has also a very futuristic toughness, that manage to create a whole new concept. I think of it as a ballerina that escaped from Blade Runner or other sci-fi movie.

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