jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009


1.Rodarte: I think that most collections every season... begin with the thought of how to reinvent the Givenchy, Balenciaga, Gucci, etc. girl, but almost never is based in a whole story. So this is a woman who burns alive to become a Californian condor, and you can see it through the show, and you can wear her, and you can be her, and you can own her. That's all.

2.Alexander McQueen: This is fashion taken to a level we had never seen. It was this season's most amazing show, and just if the clothes and the shoes weren't enough, we had this giant robotic cameras moving behind the models streaming every image live on the internet. I pictured myself in a reptile-futuristic outfit, sitting in a giant PC watching the show somewhere in outter space. That's how I wish fashion could be someday...

3.Givenchy: The brand under Tisci's direction is going to a very powerful place, and it's incredible how he manages to show versatility, interesting silhouettes, and every season must have shoes, without loosing that signature touch. I know he did it first, and I'm seriously considering joining the wave and bleach my eyebrows. ;O

This had to have longer comments.

Well here you go, these were my absolute favorite collections of Spring 2010: Versace, Balmain and Ann Demeulemeester are definitely worth a look. I can't wait to start doing styling with these clothes... somewhere around late November.

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