viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2009

Fashion Illustration

Hope Gangloff

Fashion Illustration in my opinion has been reduced to just a very basic method of expressing... perhaps a sketch of a look in a collection, or a pitch of the designer's idea.
However there was a time when fashion illustration also stared on ad campaigns and magazine covers. These was the most succesful side this type of illustation has ever had... and I see it every time less and less in the industry.

I think that's a shame.

Jordi Labanda

One of the reasons I started to get interested in fashion was because of Richard Gray's and Jordi Labanda's illustrations (I do have Jordi Labanda
's Hey Day). They did such amazing portraits of luxurious lifestyles, both in complete opposite aesthethics. I think that magazines should dare to put illustrations on their covers, cause they are so many talented artists, that we honestly don't know. They have been however recent campaigns featuring drawings like Ruben Toledo's for Nordstrom.

Richard Gray

The mass market should give illustration a second chance. Remember those awesome ads in the 50's and 60's, it would be nice to have some of that ideas back.

For more illustration check out: Always a nice source of inspiration for me.

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