martes, 19 de enero de 2010

Ads and stuff

So everybody watched the Golden Globes? Who was your favorite celebrity? Mine was definitely Diane Kruger in that degradé pink gown from Christian Lacroix.... Such a shame that the house is not producing anymore, hope they find a solution soon.

That what's the most exciting moment on my weekend, so moving on... In this past weeks all the major fashion houses started releasing their ads, some were featured on January issues, and some other on February ones, however, most of them are out. My favorites so far are the headless, I'm talking about Prada and Celine, and Gucci with gorgeous Natasha Poly, laying in that traslucide structure.

This season IMO, the ads were kind of lame, with these few exceptions. So I started researching for older ads, from a wealthier era of fashion, weren't these great? My favorite is that 2005 Miu Miu, I love anything with Selma Blair on it.

2 comentarios:

Miss at la Playa dijo...

Diane estaba estupenda, además apoyando a Lacroix llevando un vestido suyo

Rodrigo De Noriega dijo...

Sì, ojalá más celebridades le apoyaran, mil gracias por tu comment!