jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

Love the hair!

Photo by: Garance Doré

A lot of things sometimes happen to you in a couple of days that make you discover something you didn't really knew. I love how that happens because it's the easiest way I get inspired and decide to talk about an specific subject here, and it's also how I know I still love fashion. Cause believe me that browsing on the internet to get a particular cover of a magazine published in 2000 is not as easy as it could be. Why don't we have real places that collect and storage fashion, (covers,editorials and collections) and could be easy for us to acces?

The lot of things that happened recently were:

1. I bought my December-January issue of Vogue Paris, that comes late as you know, and was amazed by the Bruce Webber interview and birthday present to Pedro Almodóvar.

2. Davidelfin has been presenting his collection in New York for a few seasons now, and I had no idea, so I checked Spring and Fall 2010.

3. I just discovered today a beautiful editorial from August's 2001 i-D magazine. Nylon and i-D were perfect during those days, Dazed and Confused still is IMO.

I knew Eleonora a.k.a. Bimba Bosé, from the duet she did with Miguel Bosé for his last cd. In México, Miguel Bosé has always been succesfull, and his songs are popularly known, I even went to one of his concerts last year. Bimba, seemed young and attractive in the video, and I knew she had been a model but as any other model-celebrity that walks on a show because she's friend of the designer. I was totally wrong.

Eleonora had a nice career in the early 2000's walking tons of shows, and being the face of Gucci and Versus campaigns. She was also in the cover of the second issue of Pop magazine, Vogue Italia, i-D and Dazed and Confused. I love her androginity and toughness, that doesn't seem vulgar or overly masculine. She's the classic european beauty that it's unaware of her sensuality, and that makes it even more appealing.

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