martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

13, 14, 15

These are my favorite 15 collections of the Fall 2010 season. There were some nice ideas, though most of the shows focused on make sellable basic pieces, giving no much room for crazy shoes, and really innovating concepts. It starts with number fifteen and I'll be uploading sets of tree till I get to number #1.

13.- Alexander McQueen: We got to see exquisite clothes with that characteristic influence of classic art that he had but with new process of printins and creation. I guess he had a nice idea for a show but unfortunately we didn't get to see it.

14.- Comme des Garçons: Rei Kawakubo is not in the bussiness of making sexy clothing but instead defying it and creating interesting cuts and silhouettes. It was similar to 97's Lumps and Bumps collection.

15.- Maison Martin Margiela: The brand was plain awful for the last seasons, apparently the new creative team is now making things better and staying on the right track. Let's hope this wasn't luck.

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