jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

7, 8, 9

7.- Emilio Pucci: Peter Dundas in Pucci has been a favorite of mine. He designs respecting the labels heritage, that has always been sexy and print, but making it relevant and fresh. It would be nice if he had a Balmain moment, cause he deserves it.

8.- Jil Sander: Raf Simmons is making cool clothes that are simple but interesting at the same time, he was inspired by Lara Croft and The September Issue. Ideas that made sound cheesy turn into a nice result.

9.-Marni: Marni embodies that european lady of the mountians with a graceful elegance, for me, Prada was lacked that quirkyness. Thanks god Consuelo it's here to deliver. Colors prints and textures are great, and can be separated for a mellower effect.

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