martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

The Last of Alexander McQueen

This blog is just about what I love, whether it is styling clothes by cutting an copying, having a photo concept that it's taken to reality, writting about my favorite designers, models or photographers, sharing with you a collage of photos that inspired me at the time, or every now and then an editorial I find amusing. I don't pretend to be media, because I'm not trying to inform anyone, my goal is just share a huge part of me.

Therefore, I must say that Alexander McQueen's death still gets me down, just to think of how much talent he had and how we are never going to see anything done by him. We must appreciate and be thankful for a great body of work that has left to fashion. It's been anounced that the label will carry on, and it definitely makes me angry, any brand that it's not an 80 year or older fashion empire should die with the designer, that's not how bussiness are done this days and people who run them should be ashamed.

On a brighter side, WWD released a few moments ago the last McQueen collection, done for Fall 2010. They were just 16 looks so I'm guessing it wasn't almost done, as it has been said. I want to post it here as a tribute to a man that never run out of creativity and with a strong point of view gave us tons of important moments, wish I had known him...

Photos: WWD

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