lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010

Not so much

Every fashion season comes a time between Milan and Paris when I have seen tons of new collections and I'm feeling overwhelmed as well as a little lost, this season in particular is making me much more confused. I don't think I will be able to see another black pantsuit withouth going mad...

There's nothing worst for fashion that economical crisis, it is fashion's kryptonite. Luxury is the first thing that gets cut by customers when going through a difficult time. This sounds so 2009, but aparently sales keep going down, so great stablished brands that have always, even last year, been fearless are now for fall making dark, boring, and work-appropiate, their key elements. We must not forget also that pre-fall and resort lines as being more down to earth collections, have been selling better than the usual ready-to-wear.

That's why this season I wasn't fond of Prada, except the accesories which I loves as usual. I expect it to always be the leading brand of the season, and in Miuccia's words: "she was just making clothes", it shows, the great majority of designers this season are just making clothes. I know some may say that the nerdy aesthethic, 50's inspired is Prada's trademark, and I agree, but the way to approach it, wasn't that interesting. Marni did it better in my opinion.

Spring for some reason now seems so long ago, when we had all this optimism, bright colors, and a nice combination of both crazy shows and clothes, but also cool easy to wear options. I'm really expecting a miracle in Paris.

Today I woke up missing Olivier Theyskens work, I think he sums up whats we are loosing...

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