viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

About Stars and Arrows

Whenever I'm feeling uninspired, I start to remember those things that I absolutely love about fashion; a certain collection from Nicolas Ghesquiere, or a shoe that I used to love, a photograph from a Número editorial, or a gorgeous model that hasn't been featured for a while. Then inspiration comes right back and sometimes is much more obvious that my stucked brain would like to admit.

Today is about how Stefano Pilati used to rule the mood of the seasons with his collections for Yves Saint Laurent. He was named lead designer of the brand in 2004, after the reign of Tom Ford. He has a much more relaxed, loose silhouette in mind for the YSL woman, and likes to mix certain pieces of menswear with romantic clothing giving interesting results.

I know that he has gorgeous collections like that Spring 2007, where the runway was made of grass an violets, and the campaign featured Karen Elson, and Shakira wore those heels for a music video, IMO Stefano in Yves made insane high heels fashionable and desireable.

However, 2008 was mi favorite year in his career on Yves. Spring 2008 is my second favorite womenswear collection in the whole world. I can't really describe what his inspirations could have been, except for something perhaps preppy-inspired. That gave as a result great blazers, the most beautiful blue, vest mades of sparkling metallic arrows and dresses with a bit akward shapes embellished with tons of miniature stars. It also has mi favorite shoes which are strappy sandals that had a foot figure like on the bottom, and just a thin metal bar betwen the heel and the tip of the foot.

Then for Fall he did this futuristic power woman, all the models were wearing a black bob wig and black lips, peggy sue trousers and great leather jackets, with black patent lether ankle boots in the highest heel. All has been going down from there. His collections now feel already seen and lacking a concept as strong as it used to be before. There's been rumours about Stefano leaving YSL and that the brand may be on the hunt of the next director. I hope they are not true, Stefano still has a lot more to offer and some more great things to do, let's hope the future brings back something as strong as we have seen from him.

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preppy.dude dijo...
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preppy.dude dijo...

Tú me haces repasar mi ingles!

Casi no le presto atención a YSL, creo que me esta dejando de gustar al igual que Dolce and Gabbana... simplemente creo que no dan el toque en sus campañas como Gucci en temporadas anteriores y que con esta de Met and Marcus! ZAZ brillarón!

Si estas grandes firmas no salen a dar un paseo por un poco de inspiración quedaran poco a poco en el olvido.

Rodrigo De Noriega dijo...

Yves bajo Stefano ha tenido muy buenas rachas, pero ahora se ha estancado, a mí es una marca que me gusta mucho... pero que si necesita más empuje. Grax por el comment tocayo ;)