viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010


Spring-Summer feels about to end, though Summer hasn't even oficially started. Givenchy as usual released their Fall campaign already and it's... nice, but the June and July issues will start releasing Fall clothes and ads.

This Spring was tough, there wasn't that much lace or florals or just girly pretty clothes, something common for Spring. We had the complete opposite, military, minimalism and graphic prints, in other words not a lot of romance. In my case after seeing hundreds of different editorials of magazines from all over the world I kind of miss it. We could blame the economical situation, but also the political influence, we have wars, in my country specifically against the drug traffic, and serious climate change. Funny to see how fashion interprets it, but I am wishing to see on September some romance for Spring 2011 collections.
Man, seasons go fast.

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