martes, 15 de junio de 2010

Resort, Pre Fall, Spring, Fall, Spring Couture and Fall Couture

Fashion timming is the hardest part to understand about the bussiness, you've got the dates when clothes are being shown and then the time when that collection actually hit stores. Since the very first moment the garmet steps to the runway, to being able to walk in the store and buy it aproximately 6 months went by. So just to clear everything up, in the ready-to-wear division Spring is presented in September and hit the stores around February, then, Fall is presented in March and gets to the store in August-September.

During each season, basic clothes that follow the line of the main collection were slowly created and introduced for sale along the rest, they were just done to cover a faster need. That's how mid-season collections started, now most brands present mid collections. Resort that are supposedly clothes for traveling and is presented in June, comes between Fall and Spring. Finally we have Pre-Fall which are the beginnings of outerwear and as the name says it goes between Spring and Fall.

I honestly hate mid-seasons, since they are basically more wearable and commercial toned down clothing, that lack a strong concept behind them compared to the main collections, their point is to just make wearable clothes that go straight to retail, without any other inspiration behind them, but to make nices things for women to wear.

The old formula in my opinion, of slowly introducing the pieces that were needed to complete a season felt more personal and close to consumers needs. The most logical result is that now this collections are selling better than the main ones, only achieving more coverage and becoming more important for a house bussiness. Creatively they are sometimes not even designed by the Creative Director but the design team instead and are not very inspiring to photograph or appreciate.

All the explanation was just to say that Resort collections have been presented and I want to share some of my favorite looks from them.


Proenza Schouler

Emilio Pucci


Yves Saint Laurent



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