martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

A bohemian post

Posts have been low during summer, but it's the only chance I have for spending time with all of my friends on the same city, and have a few short trips. Now things are slowly going back to normal and so I expect the posts here.

Today I want to write about how sometimes there's this huge trend for a while and everyone seems focused not only in makig clothes in this aesthethic, but also allow it to be the main topic on editorials and guide the cycle of fashion for a few seasons. The current trend is the reinvented minimalism with military details. It was great when phoebe did it and that in a few time it could become such a success, I totally get the appeal, it's comfortable, easy to wear, usually separates, nice shapes, and most of the time neutral colors.

As much as I love this idea of clothes to live in, that would get old with you and always give a polished finish to your outfit, let's face it; it doesn't show the crazyness and theatricality one would expect from the best designers of the world. That's why sometimes you don't really need anymore of what everyone else is doing, and one turns to unexpected creators.

Antonio Marras in Kenzo has done a good job bringing the legacy of the brand ahead, and all that things we say about new designers in old houses. But recently that job has really stepped up to a good zone. His fall collection had the common bohemian influence, but was achieved by mixing patchwork from awesome silk printed fabrics in maxi dresses and tons of layers, capes, coats, blouses, foulards and vests in loose silhouettes that if it makes sense looked like a 70's Poiret inspired look. The campaign was shot by Sorrenti which is always a good thing.

For resort Antonio Marras presented a fun and colorful collection with flowered print blouses, trousers and short kimono-like dresses. There was also gorgeous knitwear in color-blocking blue, fucsia, turquoise and orange and for accesories modern obi belts that cinched the flowy fabrics perfectly.

I think it's remarkable to create clothes that look current and can be worn today but without compromising your specific vision to a wider trend, there are great separates in both colections who can create a clearer look, but the styling definitely helps to express otherwise. One could only hope that he remains in this path and gets the success the brand deserves.

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