domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009

Cruella DeVil

Steven Barret illustration

She's perhaps one of my biggest fashion inspirations, I love her because she's skinny, elegant, fierce, dark, evil, powerfull, loud and a heavy somker, plus she loves two wear high heels. She's definitely my favorite Disney character, though she's a fashion designer, I think that she would rock as an editrix of the most powerful fashion magazine.
Let her have a few dalmatians puppies so she can do her coat!!

Daphne Guinnes makes me think of her, the real life Cruella, she's so cool!

I've been thinking what would the real Cruella DeVil will wear so i put this 3 looks

First: Balenciaga FW08 dress, red gloves, Balmain SS09 shoes.
Second: Giorgio Armani FW08 coat, Balmain FW08 dress, YSL FW08 shoes.
Third: Lanvin SS09 dress, Fendi FW2008 coat, Balenciaga FW09 shoes.

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