miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009

The awesomness of the young British look

There's always something so cool about being British, I have always admired that upscale but messy look that only they can portray and meake it believeable. I have this Vogue UK from last year, where the y had photos of young cool brits, the editorial may not be the best but I love the styling.

I don't know if Luella and Burberry Prorsum is inspired by them or the other way around, however the mini dress+jacket, the trench+tights, and heels+socks are the best way to instantly become a lot more interesting.

I also love the hability to appear fashionable but at the same time be age conscious, there's nothing more creepy than a teenager really dressed up and looking older that what she really is. It makes a nice statement to look fun, not taking it too seriously and not over think it.

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