miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2009


I get the feeling that fashion is nowadays moving a lot faster than it used too... Supposedly designers make two ready to wear colections a year, Spring starts selling in February-March and Fall in August-September, those dates doesn't seem to change.

But it's not even 2010 and we are already seeing Spring everywhere, let me enjoy the few cold days the place where I live has, and once I'm done with winter, start publishing the spring editorials. Balmain's Spring show was October's 1st and on the W December cover Demi Moore is wearing look #2. So what, after the show the dress went straight to the photoshoot?

And i don't think that seeing Spring in the red carpet in the middle of Fall is a great idea either... give us mortals at least the feeling that we'll be wearing Spring clothes at the same time that celebrities.

And of course... I'm so jealous!!!

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