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The First 100

So here we go, it's been great for me to write this blog. I didn't think I could write as often as I do, and that it would be a project that I would keep. The blog is nothing more than my escape to fashion and all the beautiful things others can create. The post took me a few days, it was a bit of work but if I could spend hours researching about a topic, it would have to do with fashion.

The post 100 is what has inspired me the most this year. The collections I considered were Spring and Fall from 2009, since we don't get to see ad campaigns or editorials from the Spring 2010 collections.

This is what I want to do and enjoy doing, it has become an obsession, and I hope I could carry on writting and posting forever. Thanks to whoever is reading this, and shares the same interests as I do. It feels so great to make the review of a very important year from me, but I also can't wait for the new things to come. And possibly next year have this kind of summary in a 250 post or something.
It goes like this:

Impossible must-have of the year: A ring from Victoire de Castellane's new collection for Dior.

Victoire is genius, her jewelry is often over the top, but if people wont wear outrages clothes, the higest heels or a crazy purse, then why wouldn't you love to wear at least an excentric piece on your finger.

Editorial of the year: Sunday in the Park

An inspiration from W September 2009.
Guinivere Van Seenus, Lara Stone and Edita Vilkeviciute.
Photo by Mert & Marcus
Styling by the best, Alex White.

Cover of the year: Vogue US May 2009

I'm done with having celebrities on the cover of fashion magazines, that's a huge part of why models exist. They always do a much better work, and when I heard about this cover I was flipping. The issue itself was a challenge for me to get, because of the swine flu we didn't got that month of magazines, so Kevin mailed it for me. Thanks so much!

Campaign of the year: Prada Spring 2009

I just loved that in four different ads you could see the whole collection, a nice time saver, and a great option if u have troubles choosing what clothes will be on the ad. Plus the Meisel photo is well done, and I like that I don't recognize any girl in it. I'm always the worst with faces and models, so probably that's why, but they do look a like.

Shoe of the year: Nina Ricci's vertigo shoes from Fall 2009

There's not much to say, these shoes were everywhere on the magazines and they didn't even got made for retail, definitely an iconic piece, whish I could own a pair, wouldn't mind wearing them at all.

Muse of the year: Leonor Scherer

Leonor is one of those women that is impossible to overlook, her French charm is interesting and strong at the same time. Few women seem so interesting to me as Leonor, and it's really cool that she's getting some attention in the industry.

Model of the year: Eniko Mihalik

It was hard for me to just choose one model that was huge this year, but that I was also captivated by her. That girl is definitely Eniko. She has a huge appeal, is kind of sexier and has a nicer figure, not that skinny. She has appeared in every magazine vith great editorials, though it's a Vogue Paris favorite, and in advertising has appeared on MaxMara, H&M, Cesare Paciotti and Gucci.

Voguette of the year: Anna dello Russo

Anna was photographed in every streetstyle blog this year. She is as far as I know Fashion Director at Large and Creative Consultant of Vogue Nippon. She does styling in the magazine and has made her career as a stylist in others.
Her work in Vogue Nippon in editorials is awesome, and I personally love the way she dresses. Some people thinks that she doesn't has a personal style and that she is just a show-off. In my opinion, I think she loves fashion firsthand, few people gets to wear what's on the runway, and she is one of them. I think that she does it because she loves it and not because she wants to be on the spotlight. For me; that's personal style.

Designer of the year: Rodarte

There's not much too say that I haven't said before. This year I was crazy about Rodarte, they are the best new designers, their almost couture quality makes them exceptional. I also love that they are happy making fashion in the US but I would love to see them on Paris soon, and perhaps designing some big house, I just can't get enough of them.

Collection of Spring 09: Balmain

It was the most influential of the season. Worn everywhere and photographed in every magazine and editorial, this is the collection that started it all... All the big trends of 2009, rock, distressed skinny jeans, glittery tops, mini dresses, 80's revival, big shoulders. I am sure to say that inditex will revisit it every year until 2015. And when it came out it was definitely cool and i felt for Decarnin I must admit.

Collection of Fall 09: Prada

Prada marked the whole mood of the season in her collection. However, Prada choose to go on a different path, not choosing the classics of the brand, or making things as wearable as possible but to take the austerity feel that the crisis bring as an inspiration for making clothes with interesting cuts and shapes and get rid of embelishments.

Historic Collection: Nina Ricci Fall 2009

This one will go down in fashion history. The last collection that Olivier Theyskens directed for Nina Ricci was a lesson in ready-to-wear meets fashion extravaganza. Besides the wonderfully executed clothes, the collection itself was a powerful story of strong women meeting the natural feminity and romance that Olivier loves. The palette was dark with some touches of very bright powerful colors. A nice statement when the rest several other fashion houses were beign boring because of the crisis, and decided to play it safe in order to be comerially succesfull.

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