martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009

The second Spring styling.

This time Angel (who was born today) and I choose two different categories for making our images. Three looks for a working woman and three others for a girl in college. I tried to be risky and crazy but also a little bit more serious and polished. I'm not sure how it turned out but I kind of like it. And I also discovered that i'm not good making preppy.

This is for working women, just beautiful dresses with a jacket and for the third a more relaxed look but with a very interesting palette.

This are looks that look a lot younger and fresher, the first one is my attempt to do tons of layers, don't know if it would work for real, and the thir was my preppy interpretation.

Angel is a really important person for me cause I don't know anyone that knows as much about fashion as him, so we tend to have the longest conversations and discussions. I also admire that he doesn't likes to show off about how much he knows. I hate when people, specially in Mexico, wanna bragg in order to test yourself, kind of validating themselves and seeing if you know what they are talking about. People in Mexico seriously needs a reality check, not just in fashion but in all art-related careers.

We'll celebrate soon "íntimo".

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