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20+1 Movies of the decade

I'm a cinema lover. I try to see as much as possible, though I particularly enjoy old films, I gotta keep up as well with what's new and sometimes I'm also surprised. Narrowing it down it's hard but I, honestly, wasn't going to make a 100 movie list, because it's terribly boring for people to read and also harder for me to write. You have to watch whatever you haven't, and let me know which I'm missing or wether or not you agree.

20. 21 grams 2003

Alejandro González Iñárritu made thre films; Amores Perros, 21 grams, and Babel. All are a series of stories clashed into a film that while watching you discover what they have in common. This one was the first he did outside Mexico, and it's done with such a technic, that you are waiting eagerly what's next.

19. Le scaphandre et le papillon 2007
The real life of Elle's editor, which suffers from an accident, that leaves him only able to move his left eyelid, for communicating to the outside, since his mental faculties are perfect. The movie itself gives you a taste of what it would be like to be locked inside yourself.

18. Y tu mamá también. 2001
A mexican film with the two best actors that our land has given to world cinema, Diego and Gael. A roadtrip movie that compares the mexican point of view and "machismo" against aEuropean girl that joins them for the ride.

17. Borat 2006
Sacha Baron cohen is the man that always chooses the character that americans are afraid of and makes a parody out of it. Portraying what americans believe a gay or a middle east guy should be, giving as a result an acid comedy with an analysis of our own stupidity. Borat was the first one and the best.

16. Requiem for a dream 2000
The film with my favorite sequence ever. The story of a guy, his best friend. her girlfriend and her mother, and how all get messed up with drugs.The final sequence when the girl is in the club, the mom at the hospital, and the man on surgery is my fave!

15. The Royal Tenembauns 2001
A modern family that comes together because their dad is about to die. Each character has very particular characteristics, and they are all eccentrics, which makes the coexistance interesting. I love Anje and Gwyneth roles.

14. Match Point 2005
An essay about luck and destiny by Woody Allen, featuring: Scarlett Johansson, Matthew Goode and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I was thrilled when I saw it, I specially love how they portray the British high society.

13. Almost Famous 2000
The film where I love how Kate Hudson works. I think she's gorgeous, but she just doesn't chooses the right films. The story about a bunch of unknown rockstars, and how the kid that travels with them manages to get an interview and write a piece for Rolling Stone.

12. Gran Torino 2008
A few day ago I watch this mexican movie called "El Estudiante" about an old man that goes to college and doesn't seem to fit with the "young". It's a complete bullshit. Instead Clint Eastwood had this great example of how the old generation of America, clashes with the new one. I went to the cinema for this one with my grandma 86 and her friend like 82, it was so nive to hear them talk about it over coffe afterwards.

11. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 2008
Sometimes you go to the movies expecting to see a great fairytale, that makes you cry, laugh, and left the theather really inspired. This one was. All I'm gonna say is Tilda and Cate together in a film, must be the best experience ever!

10. Wall-E 2008

This decade the Pixar movei in my opinion is Wall-E. Set in a future where will be sitting on chairs plugged to a PC, living in outer space, and we'll all be to fat to walk. All I have to say is just wait and see, cause this sounds a lot more real than any Nostradamus prophecy.

9. Little Miss Sunshine 2006
Abigail Breslin was the child actor of the decade, sorry Dakota. I felt so identifyed with this movie, and with an uncle Ii have that is just as the father. The journey for the pageant becames an experience where they all realize that they are looser, but they have each other, and that's fine.

8. Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain 2001
A french tale, that happens to be done with an excellent taste, and that in my opinion started that 2000's trend where it was cool to be weird. The movie that pseudo-intelectuals refer to... for how they love to pop the plastic bubble paper, or have one of those annoying habits. Nevertheless, the movie itself is awesome.

7. Before Sunset 2004
This is the movie that I like to call; "Did it really lasted two hours?" It just feels like a 20 minutes chat with a friend. I love that it just involves two characters, who are meant to be together and have the greatest on screen chemistry I've ever seen.

6. Lost in Translation 2003
This was a little essay by sofia Coppola, that exploded like a bomb and won some Oscars, while Marie Antoinette her biggest film, was not received as expected. I love them both. But iI guess that I love this one more because of the cast, and because it doesn't has big pretentions.

5. Ying Xiong (Hero) 2002
In the early 2000's a lot of this kind of movies were huge in America, thanks to "Crouching Tigger, Hidden Dragon". But Hero was the one that manage to be perfect, a story told 4 times, each in different colors. I'm getting this goosebumps of excitement while writting just by remembering it.

4. La Mala Educación 2004
This was my favorite Almodovar movie of the decade. I love his darker and more dramatic stories, those really complicated characters, and how it features Gael which happens to be mexican, as a Sara Montiel drag.

3. Kill Bill Saga 2003-2004
Tarantino was at his best in this saga. It all happened in that colorful Tokyo that I'm in love with, in the American dessert, and the Mexican jungle, making it one of the best photographed pictures ever made. It reminds me of a very gorey anime.

2. Spirited Away 2001
Hayao Miyazaki can create the most fantastic worlds. This movie was the perfect example of that hability but also mixing it with his less complicated movies abouts kids (Totoro or Kiki's Delivery Service), making it sort of an intricate and gorgeously painted fairytale instead of a belic epic poem, or a cute kiddie flick.

1. The Dreamers 2003
I first watch this movie with my junior high friends, and it completely represents that stage of my life. An intense search of personal identity during yout, and the eagerness of being someone and rebel againts the grown ups.

0. Dogville/Manderlay 2003-2005
Lars Von Trier is my favorite director alive. I think that he has the sensibility to cover any aspect of human nature with a very intense and interesting depth. These two movies are also visually interesting by using very few resources, that's why I love them.

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