miércoles, 27 de enero de 2010

Did you knew...

that Eloise is one of my favorite fashion icons?

Yeah I know it's just a child's book, but that girl is more fabulous that what normal people will be in their whole life. I recently remembered how much I loved her after seeing this photo...

Man, this is another fabulous girl, it's how Eloise would look like (in my head) at age thirteen and in year 2010.

In a total different subject, how's everybody liking couture? I honestly believe that we need more houses doing couture. Gucci is supposedly doing it but will be shown just by request to special customers, shame. The whole event needs more shows. Wouldn't it be awesome to see what other houses like Lanvin, Prada or Balenciaga could do in a couture show? Chanel this time was nice and Givenchy too, as usual. Tisci always does interesting stuff.

The fresh air of the couture season, was Thimister's comeback. Sometimes fashion keeps going forward faster than ever, and the talents once where young, disappear, and get somewhat forgotten. Thimister came back this season, though I read somewhere this wasn't actually couture, Style.com says it's couture but the fall 2010 collection. I'm a little confused after all, but let's not try to categorize it.

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