domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010


The fashion season it's here, and it seems that it gets earlier every time, I'll be doing my top and summary once all the shows have been presented. It's gonna be weird not to have McQueen around, his two last collections were among the best of those seasons. Hope that the Fall one which has been said to be done, could be presented at some point, as a tribute and a opportunity for us to see his last work... :(

On another subject, I want to thank all the people that reads me, I never thought I would get this much views and viewers, you are beating my own mental record, and that makes me really happy.

Well now let's get to what this post it's really about, and that is the work of one of my favorite fashion photograpers, probably the number #1, Camilla Akrans. I really like her exterior photos. One of the things that makes me recognize her work are those crazy blue skies and intense colors, but they're always mixed with a nice softness and what I guess could be grainy and bright filters.

I first saw her work for Número a really long time ago, but she has done editorials for Vogue Nippon, China, Germany, and Harper's Bazaar, as well as campaigns for Sisley, ERES, H&M, Bebe and Jones New york. Lately I've been seeing alot more of work from her and I love it all. Here are a few pics from her, hope you enjoy. Her style fits San Valentine's perfect... it seems very romantic. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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