jueves, 11 de febrero de 2010


Really sad news, I think you've heard, McQueen is dead. I'm writting because I think he was a genius and he deserves a nice tribute which I'll try to write, but I also don't believe it and kind of want it to be a really bad joke... It 's so weird, and so unexpected.

He had the craftmanship of any seventeen century couturier, but also the creativity of the most avant-garde twenty century designer. He had the hability to create the most classic pieces, with and extraordinary taste, but also the eagerness to get involved in new technologies and applying them to his process.

The Kate Moss hologram for Fall 2007 was groundbreaking, considering that the whole collection had an antique feel. His Spring collection 2010 and last one was also groundbreaking, by being streamed live in Nick Knight's SHOWstudio. How can we ever forget those giant robotic cameras moving along the runway following the models in their reptile-alienesque outfits.

We have lost a star in the industry, and a personal favorite of mine. Alexander could do no wrong, he will be missed, remembered, and I hope that his legacy remain with us for uncountable source of analysis and inspiration.