martes, 20 de abril de 2010

Tonight's Inspiration Board

Don't you love how sometimes fashion takes inspiration from dark places, witchcraft, magic or others? I think it makes it interesting and a safe bet for elegance and anything but vulgarity. I'm sure we all have some kind of belief and I seem to be disscusing it a lot lately, specially since I wore an embellished t-shirt with the face of Jesus last Friday.

Today with that in mind I remembered how fashion has a particular love for the dark arts, a little Harry Potter here, but if you think it, the extreme white faces, black lace and a vibrant red mouth could be the costume for the modern witch. Through history all this tradition and old costumes have given us countless source for imagery and it's nice to see how photographers or magazines make it their own.

The pictures are: Gwyneth Palthrow for W magazine by Klein, Edita in Número by Miguel Reveriego, Natalia V by Mert and Marcus for Vogue Paris, Tilda Swinton in Acne Paper by Roversi, Iris by Marton Perlaki for The Room, a crow, the queen tarot card, and the head of John Baptiste by Luini.

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