jueves, 22 de abril de 2010


I always say that the best fashion is the one that can be provocative and give a good show, I don't wear a lot of designer so that's why I may like the theatricals over the wearability of a collection. I also like designers which I can easily recognize, because I think that they have a strong point of view, and that's what ultimately makes them famous.
I've been saying for sometime now that we need more drama in fashion today.

Don't know where I'm going yet?

Thierry Mugler

He was the outrageous designer for almost three decades, changing the world of fashion and taking it to a new direction. His runway shows where always over the top, creating garmets just for the fun of it and the visual appeal they may have, not wearable at all.

He's famous among other things for the use of latex and the creation of the craziest corsets, and that metalic body armor that has been used over and over. His inspirations were always powerful women, sometimes even cartonish, like comicbook's heroines.

He may not be your cup of tea, but during his working years, Thierry was the definition for avant-garde on the fashion dictionary. If you ask me, the brand needs to launch womenswear again, under another designer if he's not up for it, because against this utilitarism trend, some latex and sequins would do real good.

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