sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010

The Rules in Menswear

Is a fact that when it come to dressing men have fewer options that women, men can't be that much daring and have to stick to pants, shirts and that's it. Any interesting cut or technique, and even texture which is not the usual can be confused with something feminine and then you give the wrong idea.

Just think about fur, or silk, or satin and obviously tulle or organza are materials forbidden in menswear and generally almost impossible to pull off. I'm writting this only because weather in my town has been insanely hot, last week temperature was about 36°C 97F, and there's a non written rule about guys not wearing shorts for going out at night. Girls, however, wear shorts when going to a club, so I tried to make an outfit with shorts for going out last night.

The flax shorts where a gift and are from Old Navy, the jacket is from Zara and I don't remember where the shirt is from, I wore my Puma sneakers to keep it young. I think that if you can make it work, you can wear anything, and I will definitely start caring less about what a guy must wear.

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