jueves, 24 de junio de 2010


My best friend Yuriko gave me the idea of designing a school uniform. I'm no designer and the intention of the blog has never been show to show my doodles, I don't think I have anything worthy of sharing with you in the design department yet. However, this was an incredible idea for a styling, specially since there are so many collections for Fall who look a little 50's, 60's and have that schoolish aesthetic all over them.

As I remember, from my school years, elementary and middle high, we wore uniform. For girls, skirts shouldn't be much higher than the knee and a white blouse and the school sweater complimentes the outfit. I tryed to mantain school rules as much as I could, since they are well, grown-ups clothes some might look like the classroom teacher.

First: Miu Miu blouse, skirt and shoes Louis Vuitton

Second: Celine coat, Missoni skirt, Chloe shoes.
Third: Dolce jacket (that will be closed), Dries Van Noten skirt, Burberry Prorsum boots.
Forth: Chanel jacket, YSL skirt, Calvin Klein boots.
Fith: Proenza Schouler sweater and blouse and purse, Rochas pants and heels.

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