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Random comeback

I've written tons of times that the most interesting career in fashion for me is to be a Stylist or Creative Director for magazine editorials. Many people don't understand the meaning of this concept unless you are involved with fashion. Each magazine has a target and therefore, a way of portraying clothes differently, many times the same clothes could have a playful, youthful aproach or a sober, ready for work one. Besides one must consider the concept or story that you develop along with the photographer, wether the photos are being shot in location at a gorgeous beach or inside a studio with fluorescent props and blue lighting.

All this sounds good written but let's make it a little more practical, here are few looks from some designers that were featured in several editorials, I'll post it as it came down the runway and then how each stylist use it for a shoot.

Look from Valentino Fall 2011

1. Interview June/July
Megan Fox
Potographer: Craig McDean
Fashion Editor: Karl Templer

2. Vogue Italia July 2010
Model: Christy Turlington
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Fashion Editor: Karl Templer

Look from Prada Fall 2011

1. UK Vogue August
Stylist: Kate Phelan

Model: Karlie Kloss

Photographer: Daniel Jackson

2. Vogue Paris August

Stylist: Carine Roitfeld

Model: Freja Beha Erichsen
Photographer: David Sims

3. US Harper's Bazaar June/July

Stylist: Brana Wolf

Model: Jacquelyn Jablonski

Photographer: Camilla Akrans

Look from Balenciaga Fall 2011

1. US Vogue July 2010
Patricia van der Vliet shot by Raymond Meier, styled by Elissa Santisi
Scanned by Elfinkova

2. US Harper's Bazaar June / July 2010
Jacquelyn Jablonski shot by Camilla Akrans, styled by Brana Wolf
Scanned by behansu

3. Vogue Nippon September 2010
Anna Maria Jagodzinska shot by Mark Segal, styled by Ludivine Poiblanc

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