lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010


This post took a little bit longer to make. It's been a while since Hugo and I did pictures, and I really like the way we work, and how we get all creative and try to make something that we think it's cool, and at least well made.

This photos were born, as our own desire to make tribal. They were supposed to be beauty shots, but they were a little harder to take, I was covered in paint that keep tearing and leaving strech marks as I moved, and the accesories we got and others I made had to be put on after the paint, it was still really fun and I loved how they turned out.

I always try to make this blog 100% mine and that's why I love to post this photos. It's something that we are creating from the ground and it's original content. However, I think it's really egocentric to appear in all the photos we create, but I do it just because it's difficult to get friends to pose covered in paint and not wearing much. I promise to make some photos where I'm not in them, just developing my concept and styling behind them.

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