miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

Male Model

I never really care that much about menswear, or the men fashion industry. Nevertheless, every now and then I like to just try to know what's going on, or take a look to the season campaigns, try to know if there's any new model or something.

A few time ago I saw a guy who I thought would be a good model, but there was not that much from him, besides some agency polaroids and a Vogue Hommes Japan. I also could never remember his name, Paolo Anchisi. I found him a few days ago again, and apparently he now has more published work. He's the son of 80's supermodel Lynn Koester, and I think he will be huge in some time.

For some reason he embodies to me a new kind of male model, he's not the super buff Abercrombie guy, but neither the skinny Ash Stymest rocker type.