viernes, 16 de julio de 2010

Every blog that's worthy, has a post about men in heels.

So women have much more clothes that are just reserved for them, the way a smoking was traditionally for men before Yves or ties or cuffs or flannel shirts. Well, actually women have nowadays the power of wearing anything in the mens department without any kind of prejudice, sometimes becomes a powerfull trend and it's even encouraged, like the "boyfriend jeans" or spacey shirts or oxford shoes.

Men have narrow items they got to stick to and anything outside that it's considered to be gay. Cause you know all gay population in the world wants to be girls and wear girls clothes. Sometimes few garments manage to become popular in the men mainstream like those super big skirts for men in the 90's that were styled with Doc Martens or colorful jeans.

Much of what has expanded our vision towards menswear dressing is rock, as in Rock n' Roll. The most masculine example of a man one could think of, besides firefighters and lumberjacks are rock stars, and they by pursuing a more complete show, had dare to wear things only left for women, thights, heels, makeup, and people wouldn't dare to question their manhood.

This post specifically, is about guys who wear heels, but not just dragqueens or rockstars who do them for the show, but normal guys who love fashion and enjoy wearing them on a daily basis. Guys whose styles I respect a lot and are a great influence in my personal way of dressing, but also have open my opinion towards heels for men. At the end is only a matter of personal opinion and a shape you gotta get used to before starting to like it.

Charles Guislain

Igor Dewe

Jean Paul Paula

On top a collage of heels I would wear: Ann Demeulemeester, Nina Ricci, Rick Owens and both from the bottom Balenciaga.

The Charles Guislain and Jean Paul Paula pictures are from Jak and Jil by Tommy Ton, correct me if I'm wrong.

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