martes, 13 de julio de 2010

The Post About Menswear

I'm terribly sorry, the lack of posts lately has been unacceptable but I had to leave to Guadalajara and well it has been kind of a vacation. I'm back to regular posting mode now and there are tons of things I want to share, a lot has hapened in fashion since I last wrote about it. Menswear Spring 2011 and Fall 2010 Couture collections were presented.

Let's start with menswear and since I don't really care that much about it I'll just write about my favorite collections; Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten and Comme des Garcons.

Rick Owens inspired in nuns for Fall and the result was as good as usual, his aesthethic is so appealing to me that I could wear every single piece. It's weird how he manages to make thing that could look feminine so rough and masculine.

Ann Demeulemeester had the best idea for her show. The whole collection was presented in white, thight pants, intricate jackets and rubber boots, then when once thought the show was over, the same utfits came again in black one after the other, replacin cotton for leather.

Dries Van Noten create basics that are just cool and effortless, this time the clothes got their edge by appearing paint dripped or chlorine stained. There were pants, jackets, or coats in peach or salmon that looked awesome with denim.

Comme des Garcons presented skirts, cropped trousers, drop crotch bermudas and overall a great range. It was almost all printed with skulls, checkers or this creatures that reminded me of the forest ghosts in Princess Mononoke.

All the runway pics are from and the backgrounds are screencaps of: "Esa mujer", "Take On Me" A-ha video, a random youtube video, and "Princes Mononoke".

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